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Out Of Bounds (OOB) Photoshop technique

I came across a technique called “Out of Bounds” or OoB several years ago and I really liked the effect.  This can be achieved by using various post processing software programs, over the past couple years Adobe Photoshop have improved their tools that allows you to achieve this particular technique easier but make no mistake...

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Sierra Vista, Arizona Monsoon Lightning Storm

Here is a quick post of some lightning shots I took tonight during our seasonal monsoon storms in Arizona.  While Sierra Vista lacks the bigger cityscape’s such as Tucson or Phoenix that frames lighting shots nicely for dramatic vies, we do have mountains near by that offer a decent scene.  Our monsoon season has officially...

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Sierra Vista, Arizona 4th of July Fireworks 2012

Sierra Vista is where I currently live…. for now!  It’s a relatively small city adjacent to the US Army Base Ft. Huachuca in southeastern Arizona.  Every year the Sierra Vista Rotary Club puts on our annual fireworks show and this year was by far their best.  After a year absence, the celebration returned to Domingo...

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2008 Cancun, Mexico vacation: Better late than never.

Why am I posting images in 2012 of a vacation we took in 2008?  What the hell took so long?  Well, it was one of those personal projects that got shelved when other priorities in life or business took precedence.  This project along with a couple others have always on my bucket list of things...

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Sierra Sports Car Club, SCCA Solo event

  On 8 January 2012 I had the pleasure of shooting an event for the Sierra Sports Car Club here in Sierra Vista, Arizona.  I hadn’t shot a SCCA Solo event before so I was excited to get the chance to come out and shoot, learn something new about a racing series I have never...

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Riverfest in La Crosse and Amish country in 50+ images

    There are a ton of images I am going to share in this post but whoever said there has to be a limit, besides, the La Crosse area and Coulee Region have a lot to offer a photographer.  This past summer, my family and I traveled back to La Crosse, Wisconsin for vacation; my Dad...

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A different look at Bisbee, Arizona.

HDR image from Bisbee, Arizona

  One of the cool things about living in Sierra Vista, Arizona is the historic area we live in.  Just north of us we have Benson with Tombstone and the historic mining town of Bisbee to the east. Bisbee, Arizona was founded in 1880 with the explosion of mineral mining such as copper, silver and...

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December in the Huachuca Mountains: Sierra Vista, Arizona

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  Sierra Vista, Arizona woke up the morning of 14 December 2011 to see that the Huachuca Mountains received a pretty good dusting of snow down to approx. 5000ft.   We headed up to the 3 main areas, Ramsey Canyon, Carr Canyon and Miller Canyon to see what we could get.  Coronado Park officials had Ramsey...

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