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A Little Something From the Garden 2

If you’re a frequent visitor to my blog you may remember that this year we dove into vegetable gardening.  It’s been a real learning experience.  I am constantly amazed at how one little seed can produce so much!  I quit counting how many yellow squash we have hauled out of the garden.  I have many...

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Dave and Beth, Married : Southern Arizona Wedding Photographer

I do believe I get to photograph the best couples in the world!  Dave and Beth are no exception.  They both have wonderful loving families that I was blessed to spend the day with.  We started out at Lowe’s Ventana Canyon where Beth got ready. Be the first vote The dress Loved the shoes! Be the...

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I FINALLY “got” it :)

**********UPDATE********** selected the winner, Congratulations REDCURLYQQS who was commenter #23. I am also awarding a bonus prize to Jen Barnes, commenter # 19, Jen is going to receive a $5 Starbucks gift card for making me laugh out loud when I read her comment “…This is the fanny that Starbucks built”  I couldn’t let that go without...

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