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Cheers and Jeers

Today I have two things to share…one that deserves cheers and one that deserves a big ol’ raspberry, you know when you stick your tongue out and make a horrible noise.
First the good news.  We’ve found another place to stick (literally) our new logo!  A race car.  Yes, I know that’s not very romantic and...

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A couple of days ago Brenton and I went for a hike/photo session to make his senior portrtaits.  Brenton has a lot of big plans for his future.  I enjoyed hearing about his goals and interests.  If he accomplishes half of what he wants to do he will have a very colorful after high school experience.

The next one...

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Kyle & Amanda

Meet Kyle and Amanda.  We met with them over the weekend for their Engagement Session.  Like many other couples I shoot they both said they take “horrible” pictures…I beg to differ…I think they are TOO cute!
****Click here to view their Save the Date Slide Show and hear their song “All of My Life” by KCi & Jo...

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Extreme Makeover

Robert and I agree on most things but when it came to a logo design/brand for Butterfield Photography we rarely saw eye to eye.  We were both ready for something fresh and new and needed  help from someone who isn’t emotionally involved…a friendly by-stander who could guide us in the process a professional.  I happened...

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What’s happening

Unfortunately, the couple I was scheduled to meet with on Friday had a scheduling problem so we didn’t get to meet.  Hopefully next time they are in the area we’ll get to meet-up. 
I did want to share the beautiful wedding invitation I received in the mail this weekend.  I will be shooting Michele and Cody’s...

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A Potpourri of Pics

We have been thoroughly enjoying our family time.  For friends and family who are wondering what we’ve been up to here are some pics from the last couple of days. 
Yesterday we visited a local duck pond.  Here is Robert with his 400mm lens capturing some wildlife, we rarely get an opportunity to shoot together so I...

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