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I’m just finishing up the processing from the shoot last weekend.  I decided to play with some textures and see what effects I could get.  Textures are layers you add to an image in Photoshop to give an image a different look.  You can make your own textures very easily or purchase them from various sources.  The...

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Nick & Delaney

Today I met up with a QT-pie and her brother to make their annual Christmas portraits.  We had a fun time and I think Mom and Dad have a future “Next Top Model” on their hands…check out her poses!  :)  TOO CUTE!!!!
What’s not to love about this next one?  It was completely unprovoked and I got...

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Today we had a quick little mini-shoot with Jeanette.  She needed some headshots for an upcoming pageant she will be competing in.  He is a sneak peak of my favorite shot from the session. 
Thanks Jeanette!  Thinking happy thoughts for you in the pageant! 

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