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The Carolinas, Biltmore Estate : Travel

Last week I was able to travel to S. Carolina to spend a few days with Robert and soak in some of the south.  I absolutely fell in love with that part of the country.  For anyone reading this who lives in South or North Carolina all I can say is “Wow!  You are blessed.” ...

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Happy Thanksgiving

I was thinking about Thanksgivings past.  As a kid sitting at the “kids table”.  How fun it was to try to disguise the peas under my other food so I wouldn’t have to eat them.  I still won’t eat peas, I pick them out of pot-pies.  Quietly making silly jokes and watching someone else laugh so...

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Happy Pumpkin Day

This year has flown by!  I cannot believe that Halloween is here!  What happened to Easter?  I guess the better question is why when I went to the store yesterday for Halloween candy were there already Thanksgiving and Christmas displays up?  I’m excited for this holiday season and all of the activites that are coming up,...

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Apple Annie’s, Willcox Arizona : Travel

I am posting this under travel, even though we don’t have to take a plane or train to get there it is over and hour drive from our home and totally worth it.  We’ve been going to Apple Annie’s for years, either as a family, with Cub Scouts or other group activity.  Fall really begins...

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Lucas Oil Off Road Series, Surprise, Arizona : Travel & Sports

When I first started in photography my subjects were race cars.  Why?  Because I was shooting with my husband and a friend and that’s what they shot…they would set up my camera for me so all I had to do was point, focus and click the shutter.  It wasn’t long before I wanted to learn...

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