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Brielle : Southern Arizona Teen Photographer

Meet Brielle, we spent an afternoon together taking pics for an upcoming event she has.  Favorited by 1 Visitor There was a considerable amount of wind but we made it work to our advantage.   LOVE. Favorited by 1 Visitor Here are a few more of my faves Favorited by 1 Visitor Favorited by 1 Visitor...

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Melanie Germond and Bill Hudson : Southern Arizona Portrait Photographer

Last week Robert and I had the pleasure of meeting Melanie and Bill on a rainy day in Bisbee.  Melanie and Bill are singing partners so our challenge was to make images that represent their professional partnership and not make images that look like an engagement session.  Be the first vote As I mentioned it...

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I’m just finishing up the processing from the shoot last weekend.  I decided to play with some textures and see what effects I could get.  Textures are layers you add to an image in Photoshop to give an image a different look.  You can make your own textures very easily or purchase them from various sources.  The...

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