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2010 Year In Review : Travel

Did you know that I have a fear of flying?  I do, white knuckle, sweaty-fear.  This year I had plenty of opportunities to deal with that fear and by the last flight I took in December I was actually, to my surprise, not griping the arm-rest on the verge of panic.  I guess my mom was...

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The Carolinas, Biltmore Estate : Travel

Last week I was able to travel to S. Carolina to spend a few days with Robert and soak in some of the south.  I absolutely fell in love with that part of the country.  For anyone reading this who lives in South or North Carolina all I can say is “Wow!  You are blessed.” ...

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Apple Annie’s, Willcox Arizona : Travel

I am posting this under travel, even though we don’t have to take a plane or train to get there it is over and hour drive from our home and totally worth it.  We’ve been going to Apple Annie’s for years, either as a family, with Cub Scouts or other group activity.  Fall really begins...

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Lucas Oil Off Road Series, Surprise, Arizona : Travel & Sports

When I first started in photography my subjects were race cars.  Why?  Because I was shooting with my husband and a friend and that’s what they shot…they would set up my camera for me so all I had to do was point, focus and click the shutter.  It wasn’t long before I wanted to learn...

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Monterey, California : Travel

I loved my visit to Monterey, California for Andy & Kara’s wedding.  It was such a switch from my arid, hot Arizona in the middle of July.  Every morning I was greeted by the sound of sea gulls flying over head and we stayed close enough to the ocean that we could even hear sea lions...

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