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Monterey, California : Travel

I loved my visit to Monterey, California for Andy & Kara’s wedding.  It was such a switch from my arid, hot Arizona in the middle of July.  Every morning I was greeted by the sound of sea gulls flying over head and we stayed close enough to the ocean that we could even hear sea lions...

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My Arizona

This evening we piled in the car and took off in the direction of one of my favorite ghost towns with a goal in mind of shooting the sunset.  There was a storm brewing in the direction I wanted to go so we headed the opposite way.  Sometimes going in a different direction can be a gift. ...

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Baby Chace : Southern Arizona Newborn Photographer

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. School started this week which means our dining room table has been piled high with textbooks, papers and pencils. Robert told me I better get some new stuff up here because he was getting tired of looking at the lens in my previous post. I was too especially since...

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