Monthly Archives: August 2008

Little Crack = BIG PROBLEMS!

Yesterday our plumber discovered this tiny crack in one of our bathroom pipes.  This tiny crack had done a lot of damage between the walls that separate our bathrooms.  Now both bathrooms are gutted.
In other news…we are building new blogs.  YAY! Stay tuned they should be live in about one week! :)  ****UPDATE:...

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My House Today

I have been so preoccupied with getting the new blog done that I haven’t picked up my camera for several days.  :(  Today I set aside some time to look for something interesting to capture.  I didn’t have to look past the Butterfly Bush in my front yard and the bumble bee doing his work. 
I shot...

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All Smiles

Yesterday my sister and her husband came for a visit.  She recently completed orthodontic treatment and finally after years of not showing her teeth while smiling was proud to show off her beautiful smile.

Naturally we scheduled the afternoon to do a Couples Session!  We found a lovely patch of yellow flowers blooming on the roadside...

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Newest Addition to the Family

I hesitate to follow up the recent posts of beautiful couples with a frog but I had to share what the kids found today.  The kids “rescued” him from our self-storage unit.  His name is Froggy (original, I know ) and his current residence is in an orange construction bucket outfitted with rocks, greenery...

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