Maria’s 101 in 1001

Have you every thought “I really need to…?” Then you get busy and forget what you needed, wanted or desired to do. I have done this plenty so I decided to participate in a popular blogging idea called the “101 in 1001 List”. Here’s how it works: make a list of 101 things you would like to accomplish in the next 1001 days. It’s not so easy trying to pull those “things” from the cobwebs and make a list; it has taken me a couple of weeks. I’ve had a list on a notepad and a running list on a word document, anytime I walked by something in the house or had a spark of an idea I would write it down. Today I compiled these ideas into a list and am ready to unveil it. I will start working on accomplishing these goals beginning Jan. 1, 2008 and I will have until September 27, 2010 to get as much done as possible. My goal is to complete at least 75% of the list, that’s 75 goals accomplished.

I will chronicle each item, with pictures (when applicable) as I check them off the list.

Here is my list, in no particular order of importance:

1. Visit a winery
2. Visit a monastery
3. Visit a Children’s Museum
4. Stay at LaAuberge in Sedona
5. Travel Rt. 66 through Oatman, Winslow, etc…
6. See “Phantom of the Opera” at the Venetian in Vegas ** completed, 1/19/08 **
7. Visit Mackinac Island
8. Shoot Picacho Peak in the spring
9. Visit Flagstaff
10. Visit Wisconsin
11. Take a cruise
12. Visit NY City
13. Visit a ghost town
14. Eat at Montis in Tempe Arizona
15. Do a shoot in Sabino Canyon
16. Visit a Maize Maze  ***Completed September 2008***
17. Visit Antelope Canyon
18. Participate in a hummingbird tagging session
19. Visit the Botanical Garden Butterfly Exhibit
20. Attend an Arizona Cardinals home game
21. Go on a picnic with the kids

22. Meet my email buddy, Angela, in person or at least talk on the phone***completed, phone call 12/30/07***
23. See my friend Brenda again
24. Treat my mom, sister and self to a day of pedicures and lunch.
25. Treat Robert to dinner and a movie
26. Get Christmas cards mailed before December 15th

27. Take one photograph per day for 365 days; post the images once a week on the blog.
28. Take a theme picture of Charlotte every month for 1 year and make a calendar with the images***January*** ***February***
29. Capture an image of bees in my apple tree
30. Take one macro shot per month***January #1 January #2
31. Win, show or place in a Photography Competition
32. Shoot a landscape that includes the ocean ***Completed February 2008***
33. Make a portrait of Robert and me
34. Shoot a boxing sparing session
35. Do another 1 hour photo challenge with Robert
36. Shoot a stock car race again with Robert
37. Post a new blog entry at least once a week when I have computer access.

38. Perfect my lemon-meringue pie making skills
39. Make home-made ravioli
40. Cook or bake one new recipe a month with middle son for 12 months ***January-Dbl Choc Chip Cookies, February- Peanut Butter Cookies***
41. Bake an apple pie with apples from my apple tree
42. Bake a cake using a vintage recipe
43. Learn how to make Kolacky
44. Organize the spice cabinet

45. Donate treats to our local animal shelter
46. Donate art supplies to my church’s children’s ministry
47. Make a box for Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child
48. Donate 5 children’s books to a library
49. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen
50. Participate in the Relay for Life

51. Teach the little guy to write
52. Teach the little guy to read
53. Learn Spanish
54. Learn off camera flash
55. Improve my flash photography skills
56. Create an action or preset for Photoshop ***January 11, 2008***
57. Tag along on a model shoot with Daron ***April 13, 2008***
58. Learn digital painting
59. Get the required software to produce HDR images and learn how to use it

60. Decorate the Master Bedroom
61. Get curtains for the computer room
62. Paint the computer room
63. Finish the tile in the hallway
64. Get frames around doors in hallway
65. Build a studio in the carport

66. Purchase more music for the website
67. Get petticoats for little girl shoots
68. Get a vintage boy toy for little boy shoots
69. Get a great piece of furniture (that’s easy to move) for shoots
70. Join the National Association of Photoshop Professionals ***completed 12/26/07***
71. Shoot a wedding
72. Do a maternity shoot ***May 9, 2008***
73. Be hired to shoot a food product for a local restaurant, caterer or bakery
74. Design and sell 20 press printed albums for clients
75. Do an engagement shoot ***May 10, 2008***
76. Streamline my post-shoot workflow
77. Design 20 custom card templates for Graduate portraits
78. Design a Custom card collection for Christmas consisting of at least 20 templates
79. Shoot a family with a newborn

80. Plant and grow tulips

81. Find the perfect, for me, little black dress
82. Find a stylish bag for lenses and other small camera gear ***May 7, 2008***
83. Get another pug puppy ***February 16, 2008***

84. Take a walk around my neighborhood at least once a month for 12 months with the kids
85. Read the Bible through in one year
86. Read to completion City of God by St. Augustine
87. Exercise 3 days a week for 1 month
88. Get bikes with Robert and ride them.

89. Get Earnhardt, Jr.’s autograph for Robert
90. Win something in the lottery
91. Finish in the Top 3 in Fantasy Racing League

92. Get the 4WD professionally detailed
93. Renew my Driver’s license
94. Get a cell phone without the volume control button on the side
95. Organize all of the pictures on the external hard drive
96. Open a Christmas account at the Bank
97. Transfer old VCR tapes to DVDs
98. Make a quilt with old blue jeans
99. Purge and organize my cookbooks
100. Organize my grandmother’s recipes, make copies and give to the other grandchildren

101. Complete at least 75% of this list