About Maria

I like to call things in my life that happen unexpectedly and turn into something wonderful “happy accidents”. I’ve had many happy accidents, meeting my husband, forgetting an ingredient in a recipe and discovering it tasted better without the ingredient, etcPhotography was another “happy accidentA friend needed someone to help shoot auto races, my husband volunteered me and bought me my first Digital SLR camera. Three years have passed since those first nights standing on a wall and trying my best to capture cars traveling 120 mph heading directly at me. It didn’t take me long before I wanted to learn how to operate the camera without guidance. My journey began and still continues. I practiced on anyone and anything that would hold still long enough for me to get my camera, often times to moans and groans but not always. I’ve had supportive friends and family that allowed me to photograph their children, pets and families. Since those days I’ve been blessed to shoot Engagement Sessions and Weddings, a very “happy accident! I could have never imagined those first nights at the racetrack that I would one day be invited to capture a couple’s most special day. I’m a sappy romantic and love the magic that a couple make when they are together. I love hearing how people met and the story of their romance. Engagement shoots are so much fun, getting to know a couple and capture moments that are uniquely theirsThe same is true for the wedding day. I make every effort to capture details that the Bride and Groom planned and created and to capture moments that slip away so fast and would be all but forgotten if not for images I make. Sadly, my husband and I have one picture from our wedding that a guest took for us with a disposable cameraAll of the other details, friends and family who were there to share the day with us are merely memories without photographs to remember the day by. I believe that is why I have great joy knowing that in 1, 5 or 50 years the images I made for a couple will be there to help them remember their special day. If you are looking for a photographer who is as excited as you are about your wedding, the colors you chose, why you are wearing a certain piece of jewelry and traditions you include in your wedding ceremony I just might be the one. When I am not taking pictures I enjoy spending time with my children and husband, fellowship at church, travel near and far and watching romantic comedies (imagine that!) :)